Social Media Campaign: Patrón Margarita of the Year

It was an honor to work with Patrón on the Margarita of the Year in 2015.  We shot on location in Austin with an amazing crew.  The goal of the series was to produce a video campaign highlighting the Margarita of the Year for 2015.  Everything had to be just right and have a unique feel to it.  As part of that, we ended up building an entire bar set and stocking it with nothing but Patrón, because what else do you need?

What made the shoot so unique was we in a large 13,000 square foot hanger, and it was incredibly cold.  We had a lot of different elements going on at the same time, from a photo shoot to the video shoot and an interview series.  Here you can see some of the videos we produced and that were put on Patrón’s social media.

Branded Content, Social Media, Video Production