Branded Content: Metroport Meals on Wheels Short Film

i5 web works and Metroport Meals on Wheels approached us to help them produce a new video they could use to show people what they do, but they did not want it to be a talking head video.  They asked, what can you do?  We responded by telling them we could do a short film for you.  They were very excited about the concept. We then pitched them a storyline that allowed them to show how much each person is impacted by Metroport Meals Wheels, from the people who receive the food to the people that prepare and deliver the food.

When producing a short film, there are a number of challenges.  We had to tell a lot in a short amount of time and had numerous characters and locations, as well as tight budget to work with.  In the end, everything came together really well and most people were very happy to be part of something that will help so many people.  The finished piece tells the story of a father and son and how they help people by delivering food to people in need.  This is a project that was close to our heart, as well love to help people where we can.

Branded Content
i5 web works: Metroport Meals on Wheels