Social Media Campaign: The New Star Wars Doesn’t Suck Party Short Film

Beer and Star Wars, oh and a party where everyone is dressed in Star Wars Cosplay!  Do you need anything else?  How about a real working R2D2?  We had R2D2 as well.  This was one of those ideas that came from having a what if scenario.   We were having lunch with the marketing director and over lunch he mentioned the Star Wars party idea he had, and we suggested doing a fun short Star Wars comedy to help to promote the party.  He looked at us and asked, “Can you really do that?  We only have a three weeks before the party.”  We said we will see you next Monday and have something ready by Wednesday.

Being huge Star Wars fans this was a fun project.  We had a daily loose script and four hours to shoot it in.  We talked with the employees at Grapevine Craft Brewery and they each had their own idea of who they wanted to dress up as.  We showed up and had an absolute blast.  We had a small four man crew and show with two cameras to get get double coverage.  The cast and crew had so much fun collaborating and working with one another the final project really shows how much fun we all had.  The video was ready within two days with all of the editing, VFX, and sound effects and blew everyone away.  It was a marathon run, but was a great project to end the year with.  We hope you enjoy watching the video was much we enjoyed producing it!

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Grapevine Craft Brewery